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ABS Granules

Industries, like automotive, consumer goods and electronics, use ABS granules as raw materials for shaping them into plastic products. It is easier to blend these granules with other materials or additives for improve specific properties, like flame resistance, UV stability, or increased toughness.

HIPS Granules

Buy from us easy to process HIPS granules that can be combined with additives to produce products that are flame retardant, UV resistant and color stable. This versatile raw material can be availed in different color options.

EPS Granules

Industries seeking lightweight, insulating, and cost-effective material can opt for EPS granules. The environmentally versatile material can be used for either manufacturing new EPS products or as filler material in concrete.

GPPS Granules

GPPS granules are a popular material of choice in industries that require transparent or visually appealing products.These granules are versatile, durable, tough, economical and have optical clarity.

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